Electoral Bond Marketplace

We are a Electoral Bond Marketplace which offers hard-working Indian Citizens guaranteed tax-deductible returns in cash

How does it Work?

Every Indian citizen is entitled to buy Electoral Bonds to fund political parties. There's nothing stopping you from selling these bonds for someone else's hard earned black money. We enable a marketplace for such exchanges to make YOU RICHER. The standard earnings are 5%, but this is negotiable.

You can buy electoral bonds for as little as Rs. 1,000 from SBI branches in 29 cities between 1-10th April 2021 and get started! Reports showed that the 1cr denomination is most popular (91%), but we're democratizing finance by letting you make your small money grow BIG.

What are you waiting for? Go visit the SBI branch today to buy an electoral bond!

All your Electoral Bond purchases are taxation-exempt as well, please ask your Financial Advisor for more oversight on the same.

What Next?

This isn't just it, for the next election cycle, we are working on additional features:

Buyers: If you don't want to fund a Political Party, we are in the process of setting up our own Political Party to make our service end-to-end. Like every other party in India, we'll be Tax-Exempt and convert your black money to white operate even faster. The Election Comission still doesn't have authority to deregister parties which exist only on paper and do not field any candidates, so we're all good to go.

Sellers: We are bringing in Portfolio Management Services and a Dunzo integration so you can sell your Electoral Bonds while setting at home. If you write a cheque, we'll buy the Bond in your name as well.

Made in India, because no other country has such opaque electoral funding.